Shumara-e-Dil of Monthly Magazine “IQDAR”(Post-7)

14 Jun

iqdar(7)0001 iqdar(7)0002 iqdar(7)0003 iqdar(7)0004 iqdar(7)0005 iqdar(7)0006 iqdar(7)0007 iqdar(7)0008 iqdar(7)0009iqdar(7)0010( To be continued)



One response to “Shumara-e-Dil of Monthly Magazine “IQDAR”(Post-7)

  1. shakilakhtar

    June 15, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Kuchh islaah shuda ashaar asl sher ke muqaable mein lagta hai asl sher behtar tha. Misaal ke taur pe ye sher : daastan e ishq hai na guftni. Mukhtasar yeh hai k dil majboor hai.


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